About Us

Dr. Peterson is a Newark, New Jersey native and a second-generation HBCU-educated dentist, following in her father’s footsteps of attending Howard University. The youngest of seven, Peterson says she was always the loudest, her mother nicknaming her “Mighty Mouth” as a child. The daughter of a nurse educator and dentist, health was always an important part of the conversation, specifically as it relates to oral care. Now the owner of Aces Braces, a dental practice in Brooklyn, Peterson works overtime to emphasize oral health care for her own patients.

The name Big Mouth came up because it honored our family tradition. We talk loud when we need to and it signified the simple premise of the Big Mouth brand - bigger is better - when it comes to toothbrushes. In the case of the Big Mouth toothbrush, it looks better, feels better, and it works better! It is silly to think that ‘one size fits all’ applies to anything, but it definitely does not apply to toothbrushes