Long Battery Life Deep Clean Feeling Big Brush = Cover More Area Reach Every Angle Cleans Gums Simultaneously Potentially Cuts Brushing Time in Half

Brand New Color!

Preorder yours today and be the first to experience our newest addition: the Big Mouth Sonic Toothbrush 2.0 in Platinum! Elevate your dental care routine with this limited edition, sleek, and sophisticated brush.

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  • Check Out Dr. Bobbi’s PATENTED Design!

    A better life, a better job, a better tooth brush


A cutting-edge design that offers functionality and a unique shape

  • Clean
  • Polish
  • White
  • Gumcare
  • Sensitive

We believe "better" should be attainable for everyone, not just a few. We also believe awesome and affordable shouldn't be mutually exclusive, so we made a toothbrush that has the functionality of the highest end products at an approachable pricepoint. We know you'll love it.

  • 5 Different Settings

    Choose between settings including clean, polish, whiten, gumcare, and sensitive.

  • Long Battery Life

    Get up 50 uses on a single charge.

  • One Size

    One perfect size

  • [Watch] Dr. Bobbi Peterson on BETHer's About Her Business

About Dr. Bobbi

Dr. Bobbi Peterson, a second-generation, HBCU-educated dentist, stands as a pioneering figure in oral healthcare, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. As the proprietor of Aces Braces in Brooklyn, she is committed to delivering exceptional and affordable oral healthcare, placing a strong emphasis on inclusivity.

Her revolutionary creation, the Big Mouth Toothbrush, has reshaped dental care by simplifying oral care maintenance. Dr. Bobbi is dedicated to addressing oral health disparities in marginalized communities, recognizing the crucial connection between oral health and overall well-being.

Her unwavering commitment has earned widespread recognition from prominent media outlets such as Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox News, and News12BK. With a strong media presence and a dedication to innovation and equity, Dr. Bobbi Peterson emerges as a prominent figure inspiring positive change in the field of dentistry.

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