Long Battery Life Deep Clean Feeling Big Brush = Cover More Area Reach Every Angle Cleans Gums Simultaneously Potentially Cuts Brushing Time in Half

  • Check Out Dr. Bobbi’s PATENTED Design!

    A better life, a better job, a better tooth brush


A cutting-edge design that offers functionality and a unique shape

  • Clean
  • Polish
  • White
  • Gumcare
  • Sensitive

We believe "better" should be attainable for everyone, not just a few. We also believe awesome and affordable shouldn't be mutually exclusive, so we made a toothbrush that has the functionality of the highest end products at an approachable pricepoint. We know you'll love it.

  • 5 Different Settings

    Choose between settings including clean, polish, whiten, gumcare, and sensitive.

  • Long Battery Life

    Get up 50 uses on a single charge.

  • One Size

    One perfect size

About Dr. Bobbi

Dr. Bobbi is a second generation, HBCU-Educated Dentist. Her commitment to communties of color and her mission to make oral health central to public health are evident in her advocacy, her influence, and her practice - ACES BRACES- located in the heart of Brooklyn New York.