Big Mouth Toothbrush – Best Electric Toothbrush: Where Innovation Meets Oral Care Excellence

Big Mouth Toothbrush – Best Electric Toothbrush: Where Innovation Meets Oral Care Excellence

Welcome to the Big Mouth Toothbrush community! Join us as we delve into the evolution of the Big Mouth Toothbrush, founded by renowned orthodontist Dr. Bobbi Peterson, also the visionary founder of Aces Braces based in Brooklyn, NY, and Philadelphia, PA. Discover the passion and brilliance that birthed a game-changer in the world of toothbrushes.

The Genesis of Brilliance

Behind every groundbreaking product lies a visionary mind, and the Big Mouth Toothbrush is no exception. Our story begins with the passionate inventor, Dr. Bobbi Peterson, an orthodontist with a mission to redefine toothbrush design for optimal oral care. Dr. Bobbi is the first black female to invent an electric toothbrush that has a patented brush design. 

This journey reflects Dr. Peterson's commitment to delivering excellence in dental health. Dr. Bobbi noticed some of her patients developed gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis because they weren’t properly cleaning their teeth and gums. This sparked the idea of creating a toothbrush that has a larger brush head that can brush your gums and teeth at the same time. This is when she decided to invent the best electric toothbrush, the Big Mouth Toothbrush. It has five different settings: clean, white, polish, massage, and sensitive. It has a setting for those who have different preferences. 

The Big Mouth Toothbrush combines luxury and oral care creating a spa-like experience and a dental clean. 

The Evolution of the Big Mouth Toothbrush Since Its Inception

In the year 2021, Dr. Bobbi launched the inaugural Original Big Mouth Toothbrush in classic white, which included two electric toothbrush heads in its packaging. Following the success, 2022 saw the introduction of the same iconic toothbrush, now available in a vibrant pink color. Fast forward to 2023, and Dr. Bobbi takes dental care to the next level with the groundbreaking Big Mouth Sonic Toothbrush 2.0 in black, an upgraded version surpassing the original. This evolutionary journey underscores our unwavering dedication to constant enhancement, ensuring we lead the charge in innovative dental care.

The Big Mouth Sonic Toothbrush 2.0 in black comes with an extra sonic toothbrush head and an electric toothbrush charger. The battery life has proven to last you for months. Since it comes with an extra toothbrush head, you won’t need to purchase a pack a refills (2 in a pack) until about 6-months later. 

Game-Changer in the World of Toothbrushes

The Big Mouth Toothbrush isn't just a tool; it's a manifestation of passion that transcends the ordinary. Dive into the world of intricate design choices, relentless testing, and the meticulous crafting of a toothbrush that doesn't compromise on quality. Every element has been carefully curated, incorporating Dr. Bobbi Peterson's expertise for an unparalleled brushing experience.  It's a revolution that reshapes how we perceive oral hygiene, challenging the status quo and introducing a new standard of excellence.

Stay tuned as we unravel more chapters of this extraordinary journey in the subsequent blogs, exploring the benefits, tips, and unique features that make the Big Mouth Toothbrush your ultimate companion in oral care. The revolution begins here!